Snow Season 20/21- What You Need to Know

To no one’s surprise, this season is going to look a bit different. With Covid-19 restrictions and regulations being set in place to enhance guest safety on the slopes, you need to be prepared for changes in policy, adjustments to pass allowances, and dates or cost changes. 

If you’re ready to start planning for some ski traveling for this season, here’s what you need to know about some of the biggest names in ski resort travel. 



  • $499 Ikon Session Pass 4-Day (four day pass across 30 destinations)
  • $849 Ikon Base Pass (unlimited access at 14 destinations, plus 5 days at each of the 27 other locations)
  • $1,149 Ikon Pass (unlimited access at 15 destinations, plus 7 days at each of the 28 other locations)  

Dates to Know: 

  • Sales: Currently on sale
    • Opening Dates: Scheduled opening dates vary depending on location, with some pending, and other’s opening between mid-November and mid-December; 
    • Reservations: Pass holders can start making reservations as of November 9th through the app  

    Covid Coverage: 

    To accomodate for unexpected issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ikon Pass includes their Adventure Assurance policy. This includes: proportions of credited refunds based on the percentage of closed days due to Covid-19, rollover credits for 21/22 Ikon pass if you don’t use your 20/21 pass, and more. 

    Epic Pass


  • $133 Day Pass (available in purchases for 1-7 days, select days available with a limited number of resorts and destinations)
  • $749 Local Pass (local access to resorts in key states with resorts, select access and limited days to other specified destinations for holiday access)
  • $999 Epic Pass (priority access at 37 destinations, plus specified days as select speciality resorts worldwide)
  • Dates to Know: 

  • Sales: Currently on sale 
  • Opening Dates: Vary depending on location and region, but vary between November 13th and December 19th
  • Reservations: Pass holders can start booking reservation on November 6th through the app and website
  • Covid Coverage: 

    Epic Passes include Epic Coverage, which offers personal coverage for job loss, stay-at-home orders, injuries, pregnancies, and more, as well as resort closures between December 8th to April 4th (‘21). There are also two options for coverage selection for individuals to make their own choice, as well as a easy refund requisition process. 

    Mountain Collective 


    Dates to Know:

    • Sales: Currently on sale, limited availability
    • Opening Dates: Vary depending on which location
    • Reservations: Reservations not currently required for use

    Covid Coverage:

    No questions asked refunds may be issued up until November 16th, 2020. Currently, there are no specific Covid-19 refunds specified in place. 

    What to Know

    Covid precautions for resorts and destinations are based off of each unique location’s individual plans and regulations set in place. Check out your specific location to verify what policies and safety measures are set in place for skiers and visitors. Some commonalities include: 

    • Distancing measures, ensuring six feet between guests, 
    • Limited spaces to avoid overcrowding 
    • Facial covering requirements 
    • Limited spaces for lessons or instructions
    • Capacity restrictions for interior facilities, and 
    • Limited gatherings of people, no larger groups. 

    This season is still set to be a great one to hit the mountains, so follow up on your locations, do your research, and find which pass best fits your desired winter season. Don’t wait long, spots are filling up and passes are selling out!